Comfort is a state of mental and physical well being.

Comfort Is A Feeling

A feeling we take for granted and hard to explain. You know it, when you see it and feel it. Comfort gives you peace of mind. When you step into your Ecocor home you and your family will know Thermal, Acoustic and Visual Comfort like no home you’ve ever lived in.


Thermal Comfort

The beautiful thing about an Ecocor Passive house is its thermal balance. No matter where you are in the home, your thermal comfort is insured. Cold drafts and air pockets don’t exist because our thermal envelope is so well designed and executed. 

Our performance standards go beyond Passive House Institute US requirements. You will need very little energy to warm or cool your space. Our customers tell us there’s no more fighting over the thermostat. Another customer told us their baby has the run of the house in just a diaper, and can look out the triple pane windows and not feel any cold or drafty air.

Our goal is to provide the highest thermal comfort, in summer or winter. We do it with high performance materials, quality construction and attention to detail. No hot spots or cold spots; simply consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout your home.


Acoustic Comfort

When you first step into an Ecocor home and the door closes, you can tell your Ecocor Passive House is solid. The noise and uncertainties of the outside world are just on the other side of the wall, yet, they are so far away. Deep inside this thermal envelope is a quiet, most people search a lifetime for, but it’s here, now.  

The thick thermal envelope we wrap the house in, absorbs unwanted sound and provides you a sense of security and privacy. It is a space where you can recharge and renew. A space where you can be enveloped in silence, or give your full attention to the beneficial sounds of music or conversation.

Working at home is productive. Concentration is higher. Unwanted exterior noise is no longer an issue. Acoustic comfort improves your overall well being. 



Visual Comfort

Natural light and connection to the outdoors are two important design elements of an Ecocor Passive House. Natural light is a top criteria for why people choose a particular home. We work with you to site your home for maximum sunlight, shade and visual access to vistas and green spaces.  We account for geography, the seasons and time of day to maximize or minimize light for your visual comfort. 

How you react to the quantity and quality of light within your home determines your visual comfort. Too little or too much light can be uncomfortable. It creates stress or fatigue because the eye is constantly adapting.

How the light plays at different parts of the day in the different spaces of your home can be beautiful and stimulating. Not too mention a positive impact on your mood and well being.

We know what works for us at a fundamental level. Ecocor Passive Houses provide the right amounts of light, sound and warmth for an unparalleled living experience. 


We're proud to announce that we are the first certified Passive House component manufacturer outside of Europe

Check out our Passive House Components. Our Panelized Construction approach to passive house building is perfect for all high performance building applications.