Passive House is the most logical platform for Net Zero Energy building


Be Smart. Use Less.

 The single most important factor driving us at Ecocor is climate change. We may not be able to do much with the natural fluctuations in the atmosphere’s carbon load, but we feel strongly that we must combat what we DO have control over—carbon emissions created by humans, driving anthropogenic climate change. To prepare for what may be inevitable--climate instability due to increased global temperatures--it is important to us that the homes we build will be handle whatever comes, including weather, water, and unreliable energy supply.

Reduce Energy Demand

Building to the Passive House standard drastically reduces the energy demand compared to conventional construction, cutting carbon emissions significantly—with a direct effect on the environment we all share. 

We're proud to announce that we are the first certified Passive House component manufacturer outside of Europe

Check out our Passive House Components. Our Panelized Construction approach to passive house building is perfect for all high performance building applications.