Our walls have been vetted by the smartest scientists and engineers in Germany.

Ecocor - Foam free panelized walls



Our walls have been vetted by the smartest scientists and engineers in Germany.

We guarantee their performance for the lifetime of your building.

R- 58.6

Ecocor Passiv
aka Superwalls

The heart of our system and our flagship product is the Ecocor Passiv Wall, which we also call our SuperWall. Built to exacting standards and pre-insulated in our shop, our walls are the most thermally effective, robust and resilient assemblies available. Vapor open to both the exterior and interior, insulated with 100% mineral borate treated, fiberized cellulose insulation, and air-sealed with advanced, zero-VOC membranes, tapes and adhesives from Europe, our walls are engineered with unique connections allowing for truly airtight, insulated construction joints.

Our Ecocor Passiv Wall system is certified by the Passive House Institute to be free of thermal bridging, with a U-wall of 0.101 W/m²K (0.017 Btu/hr ft² °F), ≈ R 58.6. Our proprietary methods of detailing the building’s exterior corners result in negative Psi (Ψ) values, meaning that not only are they free of thermal bridging, they are a net gain when performing heat loss calculations. Our Ψ at building exterior corners is -0.068 W/mK (-0.039 Btu/h ft² °F) and at building interior corners the Ψ value is 0.026 W/mK (0.015 Btu/h ft² °F).

The walls’ “Blanket Layer” is insulated with cellulose to a minimum density of 4.0 lbs/ft³, denser than typical to prevent settling in our larger-than-typical insulation cavities. The hygroscopic nature of cellulose insulation serves as a moisture buffer and a mineral borate additive makes the cellulose fireproof as well as resistant to pests. We have data loggers installed in several projects which prove that over time, the moisture content within the walls fluctuates slightly, tracking environmental conditions, but that it stays far below the levels required for mold growth.

Air tightness is achieved primarily using Huber’s ZIP system sheathing as both the structural diaphragm and the air barrier. All seams and taped with Pro Clima’s Tescon Vana tape, an 8-Perm, zero-VOC acrylic-adhesive product originally designed for the aerospace industry. These tapes are tested under accelerated conditions to remain effective for at least 100 years—over three times as long as most houses are expected to last. In addition to taping the seams, we also tape every fastener, to ensure a high level of air tightness and performance over the life of the building. Where panels meet on site, before taping the joints we also run a bead of Pro Clima’s Contega HF, a zero-VOC flexible adhesive sealant.

Another important element of our wall system is the WRB, the weather resistive barrier. We use Pro Clima’s Solitex Mento Plus, which includes a waterproof and airtight, monolithic membrane of TEEE (thermoplastic elastomer ether ester block copolymer), without the porous structure of conventional housewraps. It functions well even at low vapor pressure differentials between inside and outside, and it has a reinforcing grid to improve its durability when used with blown insulation. It can support a water column of over 8 feet, and is highly vapor permeable with a rating of 38 Perms. (One Perm is defined as 1 grain of water vapor per hour, per square foot, per inch of mercury.) All seams are taped with the same Pro Clima Tescon Vana tape we use for the airtight layer. On the outside of the WRB is our 1 ½” ventilated rain screen, which supports the wall cladding of your choice.

On the interior side of the wall assembly is a structural layer that serves as a service cavity, allowing for mechanical and electrical work to be completed conventionally before being insulated with mineral wool batts and finished with drywall, wood or the interior cladding of your choice. Because the air barrier is located within the wall, making the interior cladding (typically drywall) airtight is not necessary.

We're proud to announce that we are the first certified Passive House component manufacturer outside of Europe

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