If you can draw it,
we can build it.

Before we build it, we can tell you exactly what it
will cost, and how long it will take.

The Future of
Building is Verifiable

Ecocor is dedicated to the  art of  High Performance building, but we’re equally dedicated to refining the science of building itself. So we’ve developed a computer-controlled, panelized building process that allows us to tell an architect what a project is going to cost and how long it’s going to take; and we can stick to that number.

We begin with rigorous modeling and end with verification by measuring heat flow in the finished building. We build to Passive House standards—the only building standard that verifies that a building meets its design goals by measuring its performance.

The resulting building is comfortable, durable, quiet, healthful, beautiful, and extremely energy-efficient.



You get people working on these projects that have never experienced these houses and they begin to experience the house working. 'I didn’t turn the heat on this week!…'

I believe this approach to panelizing a building is the first thing I’ve seen that is viable. Why? Because it’s predictable. It allows an architect to know what the project is going to cost and stick to that number.



Build To Last

The Ecocor Passive Wall® features low embodied energy. It is elegant, non-toxic, heat-flow resistant, robust, and uses familiar technology.

Window and door assemblies are the best available, and Ecocor’s willingness to constantly innovate and evolve is a major asset to Architects. Ecocor’s process saves time on site and money when compared to a site-built Passive House.

panelized, Not Modular

Most importantly for an architect, Ecocor’s panelized, computer-modeled Passive Wall®, Passive Roof® and other components provide tremendous design flexibility. You no longer have to sacrifice aesthetics to deliver your clients a home built to the best available standard for residential construction.

Your design, built in our factory, is shipped to your client’s building site, where we assemble the shell in a matter of days for your contractor to finish.  Ecocor can provide your finishing services as well, it's up to you.  We want to partner with you on your next project.

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