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Build More, With Less Risk

More quality, more efficiency, more homes. Ecocor can increase your capacity while you deliver the highest-quality, most energy-efficient homes in your market.  We do this with a system that provides something else you may never have had before: predictability, We can tell you how long it will take and how much it will cost before we start.

Whether to save money or to lower their carbon footprint, more customers are demanding more energy-efficient homes. Ecocor’s best-in-class, high-performance building shell will delight your clients, both Architects and Owners.

Because our computer-controlled building process is precise and verifiable, it is predictable for both budget and schedule, and because we factory-build wall and roof components, our schedules are not subject to weather delays.


Manufactured building components offer countless benefits and no downside whatsoever. You're not subject to weather, you save time, you save money, and you turn out a better product. There's literally no downside.


Build To Last

Ecocor’s panelized, pre-fab house shells are built to the Passive House standard. The Ecocor Passive Wall® features low embodied energy. It is elegant, non-toxic, heat-flow resistant, robust, and uses familiar technology. Window and door assemblies are the best available.

We erect our factory built shell on your site, generally in one to two weeks, significantly reducing build time— thereby increasing your company’s capacity.

While offering tremendous design flexibility, Ecocor’s computer modeling of Passive Wall®, Passive Roof® and other components requires up-front decisions that owners and architects often delay, so you spend less time waiting for those decisions.

You’re not subject to weather, you save time, you save money, and you turn out a better product. There’s literally no downside.

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