Passiv House Window - Dormer

WE are experts in our field

using proven building science, and master craftsmanship.

Ecocor Ethos

 We build healthy, resilient, low-carbon, net zero ready homes.  We want to accelerate the pace of Passive House building science by showcasing the economic and environmental benefits of building sustainable, durable, comfortable homes for future generations. 

We Want to Build You a Passive House

Our dream is to leave the world a healthier place for our children. Reducing the impact on natural resources by building comfortable, healthy, energy independent homes is our way of achieving this dream. 

It’s why we built a Passive House factory here in Searsmont, Maine. Our controlled environment gives Ecocor an advantage over on-site construction. Our specifications are not subject to the whims of the environment. Your Passive House will meet the tightest construction tolerances and is delivered in a fraction of the time than typical on-site construction. 

Speaking from our customer's experiences as well as our own, we know that a balanced interior climate and filtered fresh air improves your life by reducing allergens and regulating humidity levels.  You can count on an improvement in your breathing and sleeping, as well as your overall living experience when you live in one of our homes. 

People swear they feel a difference living in an Ecocor Passive House.  Passive homes make sense economically and ecologically. You can’t say that about a traditionally built house.

We would love to speak with you about how we can build you a home that will last lifetimes, and improve your family's overall health and well being, all the while consuming 80% less energy.