The Passive House at an altitude of 2164 m: The Rocky Mountains Institute (rmi) by A. and H. Lovins


The "Rocky Mountains Institute (rmi)" by A. and H. Lovins. (Foto: rmi)

Amory Lovins, who is well-known for his publications about alternative energy, did not stop at the theory. He built an extremely well-insulated solar passive house in Old Snowmass in Colorado, at an altitude of 2164 meters. Tropical vegetation flourished in the winter garden and the stove was seldom used.

These experiences gave the Passive House research the assurance and confidence that physics works in practice too. A. B. Lovins visited the Passive House in Darmstadt Kranichstein in 1995. It was he who suggested that the Passive House should be considered not just as a research project, but also as the energy standard of the future.

In 2011, at the International Passive House conference, this building was awarded the "Passive House Pioneer Award".