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comfort, beauty, energy-efficiency,
cost-effectiveness, health, and resiliency.

No Drafts, No Worries

Standing next to the window of an Ecocor home when it’s twenty degrees below zero, the thing you notice is how quiet it is, and how comfortable you are in your space. 

We started Ecocor to build the most energy-efficient, environmentally responsible homes possible.  Along the way, we discovered that the things that make a home energy-efficient, like thick insulated walls and roofs, triple-paned windows, quality materials and attention to detail, are the very things that make a home comfortable, durable, and quiet. 

Ecocor homes are built to the Passive House standard—the only residential building standard that verifies that the home meets its design goals by testing the finished building, so you can be assured that your home will stand up to even the harshest of environments.

The house is easy, comfortable. And even on a gloomy day, it’s bright.

To Your Health, And Financial resilience

Ecocor makes sure that only natural, healthy materials to go into our homes. We use finishes that offgass as little as possible, cellulose insulation, and natural wood, sourced close to our factory. Combined with installing our active air exchangers, our homes are among the healthiest of indoor environments anywhere.

Our window and door assemblies are the best available in the market today, and we source them directly from the factory to save you money.  Ecocor’s process of building the home in panels in our facility saves time on site and money when compared to a site-built Passive House.

Ecocor’s computer-modeled Passive Wall®, Passive Roof® and other components provide tremendous design flexibility. You no longer have to sacrifice the design you want to get a home built to the best available energy standard. Perhaps best of all, a home built to the Passive House standard will save you money for as long as you live in it.

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