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We can help you realize your dream home. We enjoy working with homeowners to create more than just buildings that last. We want to build homes that are healthy to live in, reduce the carbon footprint, and provide a sanctuary of home comfort.

Our factory engineered building components shield against the elements that damages the integrity of tradition homes - moisture and drafts. We are specialists in creating the highest-performing building shells available. Our homes are build with low to no VOCs, using renewable resources, so even the materials are healthy to build with and to live with.  

We send a supervisor or crew to assemble the building envelope and air-test it to meet our stringent Passive House standards, to ensure resilience and durability for generations.

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Passive House Consulting

We are Certified Passive House Designers/Consultants, earning our credentials from the stringent  Passive House Institute, which trains the Designer/Consultant in building science and in the use of the PHPP (Passive House Planning Package), the most robust and accurate building energy modeling software available. We provide this service for projects we are collaborating on, but do not offer it as a stand-alone service at this time.

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To tunnel through the cost barrier that often occurs with custom home design, we developped the Solsken by Ecocor line of homes. We're growing the Solsken collection in collaboration with accomplished Passive House-certified architects. If you're a Passive House-certified architect, and are interested in working with us to develop your own featured Solsken collection, let us know. View our Solsken by Ecocor homes here.


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