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What's a Prefab House?

Prefab is a construction method where both standardized and non-standardized building components are fabricated in a factory and assembled on site. Combine the prefab construction method with the Passive House standard, and you have the most energy efficient building technology available today built in a factory to the highest quality, and delivered in a fraction of the time it takes to build a new home using traditional site built construction.

"Passive House" is today's most energy efficient building standard. Buildings that meet the Passive House standard use 80% less energy for heating and cooling than conventional buildings yet are markedly more comfortable and healthy than traditional buildings. A Passive House conserves energy by creating a virtually air-tight, super insulated, compact building enclosure that uses the sun and heat emanating from people and equipment to achieve a comfortable indoor environment. A ventilation system including what is called a heat recovery ventilator or HRV is used to provide a continuous supply of filtered fresh air. Added all together, Passive House offers a triple bottom line: (1) personal health and comfort, (2) energy efficiency, and (3) affordability.


Ecocor is a construction firm that designs, manufactures, delivers and assembles high performance buildings throughout North America. Ecocor’s patent pending foundation and wall designs reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling buildings by 80-90%, which substantially reduces the cost of ownership and the building’s carbon footprint, while increasing the comfort of its owners. Using panelized building components as a construction platform, Ecocor has better control, higher quality and much shorter time-to-occupancy than any site-built construction. Meet Ecocor.

Get a Prefab Passive House

Getting a prefabricated Passive House includes 10 simple steps.



Choose a design from our collection of model homes.



Shop drawings are created while you prepare your site for your prefab Passive House.


Ecocor's SPL728 saw cuts the material and the parts are labeled and racked for fabrication.


The parts are assembled on framing tables; air tight sheathing is applied and taped, the blanket cavity is installed, a state-of-the-art waterproof fleece is applied, and the ventilated rainscreen is created.


Dense pack cellulose insulation is blown in, solid wood triple pane windows are installed and flashed, and the exterior cladding and trim installed.



The prefabricated panels are organized on racks and then loaded onto trucks for delivery.



The Ecocor set crew installs the wall panels, the floor system, and the roof system. Upon completion the house is air and weather tight.



Your local contractor installs the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.


Your local contractor installs sheetrock, interior doors and trim, and kitchen and bath finishes..


You move in and live happily ever after in your new prefab Passive House!.


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