Weakening Gulf Stream and Its Impact

By Ecocor

Just wanted to bring your attention to an article we read about the recent heavy storms. 

This article is important because it speaks to a weakening Gulf Stream suggesting future coastal storms may be more damaging. Also, how increased carbon output is leading to higher sea levels.


Slow Down Climate Change

Why would a company that builds Passive House components in Searsmont, Maine care? Because, at Ecocor, we believe Passive House construction is the best way to slow down, maybe even stop, climate change.

Buildings account for 40% of US energy use, and are responsible for more greenhouse gases than transportation, and more than industry. Here’s some data:

"According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, “In 2016, about 40% (or about 39 quadrillion British thermal units) of total U.S. energy consumption was consumed by the residential and commercial sectors.” Source
"Roughly one quarter (10.18 quadrillion British thermal units) of the building related U.S. energy consumption came from the residential sector according to a 2009 EIA survey." Source.
Both of these quotes support why we build Passive Houses. It's good for the environment.

Passive Houses are also comfortable, durable and use 90% less energy than most existing housing stock. You’ll outlast most power outages too, because Passive Houses work just like a thermos holding heat in for a long time.

Join Us

We encourage you to join us in our work to reduce carbon output and improve the world we live in. Here’s a link to the article.  


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