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Panelizing Passive House: A Maine Builder Starts Production

JLC's Coastal Connection has been following the progress of Maine building company EcoCor, LLC.  Since we first connected with him in 2011, EcoCor's Chris Corson has introduced more advanced European-made materials and components as the new products…

Panelizing Passive

Earlier this year, JLC's Coastal Connection took a trip to the panelizing shop of EcoCor Design/Build near Belfast, Maine, to watch as EcoCor fabricated wall panels for a superinsulated house designed to meet the tough Passive House performance…

Heavy-Duty Window Flashing by Chris Corson Using Extoseal Encors

EcoCor's Chris Corson demonstrates Extoseal Encors Window Flashing.

A Visit to a Passive House Panelizing Shop

JLC has been following the evolution of builder Christian Corson's company, EcoCor, Inc., since 2011.  With a half-dozen site-built Passive House jobs under his belt since 2011, Corson is now moving into panelization - the constructing of wall and…

Vermont House Uses Only Half a Cord of Firewood

In Ripton, Vermont, this fuel-stingy replica of Chris Corson’s Maine Passivhaus was heated last winter by a small wood stove using just 1/2 cord of firewood

Wrapping an Old House in a Passive House Puffy Jacket

EcoCor is aiming to turn an old house into an air-tight, superinsulated modern dwelling.

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