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Amazing interiors that use near zero energy to maintain
comfortable and healthy indoor environments.

Our Work

At Ecocor, our dream is to leave the world a healthier place for future generations.  We are building the most comfortable, healthy, energy independent homes in North America.  Ecocor and our building partners can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a satisfied passive house home owner.

Charlottes Retrofit

Status: Completed

Certified EnerPhit retrofit

Designed by Ecocor

Built by Ecocor

The Challenge: Reduce 1965 home's energy cost by 90%.

Find out more about Charlottes Retrofit


Status: Completed Summer 2015

Located in Blue Hill, Maine

Designed by Ecocor

Built by Ecocor & Homeowner

Find out more about Huckleberry

Ash Point Passive House

Status: Completed Summer 2016

Located in Harpswell, Maine

Designed by George Penniman

Built by Ecocor

Find out more about Ash Point Passive House


Status: Completed Winter 2018

Located in Yarmouth, Maine

Modern, site-inspired design

Designed by Echo Studio/A. Hayes

Built by Ecocor

The Challenge: Build a Passive House it takes its design cues from its very special site.

Find out more about Ridgeline

Nashua Passive House

Status: Completed

Passive House

This fantastic modern home was designed for a Professor of electrical engineering at UMass Lowell. From the beginning the home was designed to Passive House standards and will be Certified by PHIUS when it is completed

Designed by Briggs Knowles Architecture

Built by Ecocor

Find out more about Nashua Passive House

Morse Court

Status: Completed December 2016

Located in Brunswick, Maine

Net Energy Positive

Fits into a small-town neighborhood

Designed by Ecocor & Homeowner

Built by Ecocor

The Challenge: A Net-Zero Home nestled into a suburban infill lot.

Find out more about Morse Court

Tarpey Residence

Status: Complete

Located in Concord, Mass

Designed by Ecocor

Find out more about Tarpey Residence

Scott Residence

Status: Completed

Located in Altamont, NY

Designed by Ecocor

Find out more about Scott Residence

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