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At Ecocor, our dream is to leave the world a healthier place for future generations.  We are building the most comfortable, healthy, energy independent homes in North America.  Ecocor and our building partners can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a satisfied passive house home owner.

Charlottes Retrofit

The driver for this design was to reduce the carbon footprint of this Maine family. This traditional cape was built in 1965. It was retrofitted to EnerPHit standards in 2011. Before the retrofit, the owners spent >$4000.00 dollars a year on heat and DHW. Keeping the thermostat at 60 in the wintertime in order to save money made the home very uncomfortable. After the PH retrofit, the owners pay $350.00 for all of there heat and hot water. A 5.6 kW PV system offsets about half of the family's annual electrical consumption. There are two home office's and multiple computers and devices, so energy consumption is high compared to the average home.