At Ecocor, our dream is to leave the world a healthier place for future generations.  We are building the most comfortable, healthy, energy independent homes in North America.  Ecocor and our building partners can help you achieve your dreams of becoming a satisfied passive house home owner.

Morse Court

This cute Net zero Energy Passive house is nestled in a suburban infill lot. Designed to meet Passive House Standards a small 4.3 kW grid-tied solar array supplies all of the energy the homeowners need ( and then some) in this all electric home.

The total energy costs for all heat and electricity and hot water.....$90.67. That is the minimal cost of the line charges from CMP for their first year of occupancy.

Ecocor PassivWall™

Our walls are the most thermally effective, robust and resilient assemblies available.

M SORA Windows & Doors

The products with the best quality, best performance, and best value.

Ecocor PassivRoof™

Standing Seam Galvanized Roof.