Raising the Roof

While raising building expectations.

Flexible, Efficient, Panelized construction

Ecocor is dedicated to the construction of environmentally responsible Passive Houses. That’s why we started the company.  Ecocor homes are not just energy efficient, they’re comfortable, beautiful, quiet, and remarkably durable. They are truly among the best homes you could choose to build.

Rethink Building

 Panelized, not Modular

Panelization is a construction method where building components are fabricated in a factory and assembled on site. Combine the panelized construction method with the Passive House standard and you have the most energy efficient building technology available today, built in a factory to the highest quality, and delivered in a fraction of the time it takes to build a new home using traditional site-built construction.

Ecocor Panelized Passive Homes are pre-fabricated as panels under rigorously controlled conditions in our factory. The panelized wall sections are then transported to the building site, where they are erected in a fraction of the time conventional construction requires. This gives us more precision, better quality, and much shorter time frames compared to building similar houses entirely on site.

Our Process Gives You Freedom

Unlike modular homes, which restrict choice in your design, Ecocor’s panelized building process allows enormous freedom. We like to say, “If it can be drawn, we can build it,” and with better control, better quality and shorter time frames than building on-site. We build our own designs or work with architects and owner-builders to build the healthiest, most energy efficient, resilient homes available.

Beauty that’s more than skin deep

Our homes are beautiful to look at and comfortable to live in, but that’s just the beginning. From design through construction, we are commited to reducing the ecological impact of the building process. We build to the Passive House standard, today's most energy-efficient building standard in the world.  Passive House buildings use 80% less energy for heating and cooling than conventional buildings yet are markedly more comfortable and healthy than traditional buildings. We work continually to implement the most efficient and effective energy and building systems; with a thorough understanding of building science, powerful energy modeling software, and years of experience with modern, low impact products.   We are dedicated to healthy, vapor-open construction and use locally produced wood-based products whenever possible.

Our walls and roofs are foam free and we are ever-conscious not only of the embodied energy of the materials we choose but also the long-term health implications of the products with which we build. The results of our efforts are homes that are among the healthiest you can build—for your family and for the environment.