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Updates from the field

We're always pushing the boundaries with constant R&D
in the field and in the facility.  Follow along on our path of discovery.



Three Day Passive House Training Intensive!

At Ecocor, we’re so serious about continuous learning we closed our shop floor last week. Our crew participated in a three-day Passive House training program presented by Andrew Peel of Peel Passive House Consulting. Andrew, just like Technical…

Photos From Lake Hill Passive House in NY

Here are some images from recent work at Lake Hill House in NY.            

Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) Initiative

What’s This About Nearly Zero Energy Buildings? A recent email from the International Passive House Association (iPHA) reminded us that the European Union is about to implement “nearly-Zero Energy Buildings”, (nZEB) regulations. The goal…
Cold Outside? No Drafts Inside a Passive House.

Passive House Owners on Recent Cold Snap

We’ve been through an unprecedented cold snap here in the Northeast. So, we checked in with a few Ecocor Passive House owners to see how their house handled the cold. Here’s what one of our customers told us. “Now, we understand what you…
Morning of Day One - Red lines delineate footprint so plumbing can be located

Woodstock NY - Setting the Foundation

Here we are in Woodstock NY. We're setting the foundation for another Ecocor Passive House. Led by George Reefer. Our team has been really busy.   

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