CDM Solid wood European windows and doors


Letting the light in with CDM, triple glazed windows and doors .

Ecocor Windows & Doors

Ecocor is proud to represent leading European window manufacturers that we have selected for their quality, beauty, performance, and value.

Triple Glazed Performance

Windows are one of the most important components in a passive house. They protect against convection, conduction, and radiation. They also complete the continuity of the thermal insulation and protect the home from the elements by completing the weather resisitive barrier. Good-quality windows help make a home quiet, and they should be beautiful.

Over a period of four years, we researched literally hundreds of window manufacturers in multiple countries throughout Europe. We are excited and honored to be partnering with CDM Drewno in Suwalki, Poland. Not only do their windows meet the rigorous Passive House Institute guidelines for thermal comfort, they are meticulously hand crafted and elegant.


Glass R-11.3

Whole window R value R 6-8

The International Passive House Institute has certified our assemblies using  CDM Drewno's 92mm Hardline series window's. Thermal performance of the window is: Ug=0.5 W/m²K, Uw=0.74 W/m²K (total window performance of 0.130 Btu/hr ft² °F, ≈ R 7.67). Using Ecocor’s unique window installation details, the certified, installed values of our windows is Uwi=0.85 W/m²K (0.15 Btu/hr ft² °F), ≈ R 6.67.

We import the highest quality European windows.

All of our windows are solid wood. The performance is exceptional Just as important, they are beautifully made of sustainable materials. Our Partner companies CDM Drewno offers fantastic window and door solutions. 

We do not use plastic windows. Ever.

Double-hung windows won't do.

As for windows, double-hung units are too leaky for a Passive House. We use European tilt/turn windows, which operate like an inswing casement window, or with the flip of the handle, hinge at the bottom and open at the top, like a hopper window. This style is capable of sealing tight against air infiltration.

Ecocor Engineered Window Installation

We also use large fixed windows where appropriate. We have developed our own installation systems to ensure that the windows and doors perform at the absolute highest levels.